Tuesday, 8 December 2009

When 2 become 1 - Embrace: Pink is the colour of Intimacy

While photographing 2 beautiful models (Kath & Mia) in various positions I was suddenly struck by the sheer beauty created by the way their bodies seemed to merge into one. I’ve tried to capture that moment in an almost abstract body landscape.I hope you like it.

Painted with digital gouache in ArtRage

Monday, 30 November 2009

Have I just made a huge mistake ?

It's getting pretty late (for me anyway) and my eyes and head are fuzzy. I've just finished one of the paintings I've been working on and started uploading it to my various online presences on auto-pilot. Now the painting in question is a new watercolour nude that I was trying to make more painterly and less realistic. I thought I had achieved it so up I sent it to Facebook. When looking back at the link FB provided, along with a thumbnail, it struck me that my non-realistic nude was in fact (in the thumbnail) pretty realistic and probably not for consumption on a family social website. I now expect many cusses and removal from FB for this error, complaints from family and friends, etc.

Anyhow, here is the (offending?) painting for you to make up your own minds. All that remains is to see how long it takes FB to remove the work, or for me to be accused of peddling porn.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Walking thru Fire

Nude study in digital paint

Finally got round to finishing a nude I'd been planning to paint for a very long time, although by the time I'd finished I had diverged from what I had originally intended... but I think it still works. This piece was a long time coming... I've been having serious problems with my computer... then my health... then back to the PC...  and then my brother died.

Rysz's death was not unexpected (he did have MND after all) but it still came suddenly and as a shock. I had wanted him to see the painting and I was getting frustrated at not being able to finish it. Just as things started coming together (better health, new OS, new software) and I was finally able to start the work... I got the phone call that Rysz's health was declining fast.

A day earlier, Rysz had gone to hospital for a chest infection. The next day I was told that he was responding well and would be home the following day... but that the infection had taken its toll and shortened Rysz's life expectancy to just a few months. I thought I'd create the painting to cheer him up.

Just as I was about to begin, I got a second call... this time saying that Rysz had deteriorated and might not last the night. I stopped the painting and set off 'up North' to be with him.

It was late and the motorways were pretty clear. I was fretting that I might be late but my other half had her foot pressed firmly against the metal. We were doing well... until...

Ahead of us was a huge tarmac lorry heading up to the M6 roadworks when suddenly he lost control and went into the central partition, spilling its load across both sides of the motorway. This new 'wall' immediately began to harden (a very cold night) sticking the lorry and us on an impassible road.

We were stuck there for hours.

Tragically, by the time I got up to the hospital (3:30am), charging through the door, my brother had died just a few seconds earlier. I can't begin to tell you how I felt.

Anyway, this was 2 weeks ago and we buried Rysz on Wednesday (strangely, to the tune of 'Popeye the Sailor Man' from a phantom icecream van), and were re-united with his estranged son.

It's several days later, and I am back with the painting. Finally got it finished, and I'm sure that Rysz would've liked it. I hope so.

If you'd like to more about Rysz, check out his memorial website (rysz.muchloved.com) wher you can also contribute to the MND Association.

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Friday, 28 August 2009

Ready to expose myself...

... or rather, I decided it was about time to paint a self portrait (long past due). So for anyone curious as my countenance, I hereby present for your pleasure: a portrait of myself - tho' looking a tad too serious (not deliberate... I was just concentrating very hard)

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Just set up my portfolio on RedBubble

Friday, 31 July 2009

Behind the Fringe


A shot from a couple of years ago that comes from a commission that was used but never paid for... Beware dodgy companies hiding behind their overseas locations. I was seriously out of pocket for this work.

So I thought that I might as well show it here

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Closure re_visited


I intended this to be part of a triptych I had planned, unfortunately I haven't been able to complete it (yet). It was an experiment in some new post procedures to enhance the B&W tonal qualities to enhance the subject matter.

I quite like the outcome (which is saying something as i always hate my own work). If you're looking at this, I'd really appreciate some feedback.


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